In the Line with Earth

Audio piece of the group gecko art / 08:30

AM BRETT 125/17.08.2015: What will remain when the Earth has passed away? – That’s the topic the audio piece ‚In the Line with Earth‘ deals with. Phenomena and uniqueness of the planet Earth and its (intelligent) life are brought to mind. The song ‚What Will Remain‘ plays a main part and becomes a plea. Words and music: Evelyn Blumenau / Guitar: Klaus Schuch / Text: Walter Kreuz / Voiceover: Daniel Adam Smith, Brigitte Leitner / Production: gecko art (Blumenau/Kreuz). The song ‚What Will Remain‘ was released on the 2 CD-set ‚RISE‘ of the Viennese music group NOVI SAD.
© Blumenau/Kreuz, Wien 2013 / ga-aud658c-13